Monday, 14 September 2009

Royal Ballet dancers - 'A Dream of Africa' - casting

I recently gave you preliminary details of the rep & casting for the ‘A Dream of Africa’ Gala, a charity Gala night taking place in a fortnight, and featuring dancers from The Royal Ballet.

I can now fill in some more of the gaps and this is what you can look forward to if you have bought a ticket or two (and I hope you have – it’s for a very good cause !)

Watercolour by Sarah, whose wonderfully evocative paintings and sketches you can see in earlier posts, and on her Secret Gallery website.

Concerto pas de deux (MacMillan) - Mara Galeazzi & Gary Avis

The Dream pas de deux (Ashton) - Ruth Bailey / tba

Birthday Offering pas de deux (Ashton) - Lara Turk / tba

Premiere pas de deux by Liam Scarlett - Emma Maguire & Ryoichi Hirano

Premiere short ballet by Erico Montes - Romany Pajdak, Celisa Diuana & Claire Calvert

Premiere short ballet by Samantha Raine - Leanne Cope and Tristan Dyer

A recent pas de trois by Vanessa Fenton set to Mendelssohn's ‘Song Without Words’ for cello & piano - Elizabeth Harrod, Xander Parish and Sergei Polunin

Some of these dancers have recently been interviewed and will be familiar to you.

Two dancers are new to the Company and this may be your first opportunity to watch them dancing as professionals. They are Graduates from The Royal Ballet School - Ruth Bailey and Tristan Dyer.


  1. hello :)

    thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left me. you are lovely! i smiled so so much!

    you have some lovely interviews here, and the images are beautiful!!!


  2. Thank you Elise for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment x

  3. Thank you Elise, for visiting my blog and for your delightful words. They are so encouraging to me. Love your blog so chic.
    thanks Peggy Lee

  4. Hi Elise! Thank you for leaving that sweet and kind comment on my blog. A journalist who writes about ballet -- wow. Great job interviewing these talented dancers, and telling them to the world. Their sweat, tears, and effort for this art deserve some kind of recognition.

  5. This is beautiful! Nothing beats the grace of a ballet dancer.

  6. Thanks for you kind words over at my place! I love this water color! Will have to check out her others. Happy Monday!

  7. Rosie - thank you for your lovely comment and welcome!

    janettaylor - praise indeed ! Thank you

    LissyLou - you are welcome, and welcome to mine !

    peggylee - thank you - and welcome !

    juanitatortilla - thank you for your comment - yes, I do think I have the best job but thank you for your appreciation - without that it wouldn't be so great !

    The Baxteria - too true !

  8. Love the post- you have such a terric job!

  9. I shall be doing a series with my drawings of my daughters dance class.
    Hope you will come by, and see them soon.

  10. Ms Lucy - thank you. It's true I think !!!

    pve design - I certainly will


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