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Cupcakes & Conversation with Erico Montes, The Royal Ballet

Cupcakes & Conversation with Erico Montes, Artist, The Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet Autumn season begins at the Royal Opera House on 8th October.

What motivates you at 8am on a Monday morning ?
It can be a rehearsal or a performance of a ballet I particularly enjoy, or class with a guest teacher I really like. A sunny day also does the trick!

Who would you most like to dance with ?
I´ve been very lucky to get to dance with some amazing people so far. I'd like to partner Marianela Nunez, Julie Kent and Alexandra Ansanelli for the quality they bring into whatever they do. I´d also love to dance with the New York City Ballet.

What is your daily routine at the moment ?
During the season a work day will include class, rehearsals, some extra workout (Pilates, Gyrotonics or gym) and the show in the evening.

You can ask six famous people to dinner - who would you invite ?
I´d invite George Balanchine (whom I´d also ask to cook!), Jerome Robbins, Violette Verdy, Julie Kent, Alexandra Ansanelli and Julia Roberts, hoping she wouldn´t feel too out of place!

What would surprise people about you ?
Perhaps how selfless I can be when needed.

Who inspired you to dance ?
I don´t really know. When I was about 3 years old I used to say I wanted to be a ballet dancer, even though I had never seen any ballet. I guess it was some sort of divine intervention!

How would someone else describe you ?
When I first joined the company I was known as "the boy with a photographic memory”!

What is your best piece of advice ?
To fall in love with your dreams and with what you do every day.

Which role has tested you the most & how ?
Being in the corps de ballet you get to do a wide range of roles. Some very small roles can be surprisingly challenging, it can be hard to make them feel important and a real part of the whole ballet. The brown skaters in Les Patineurs is a real stamina test, and the Mediterranean Diverts in Ondine Act 3 was a physical and psychological test for me personally!

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you ?
It´s hard to name a single one, lots of funny things can happen on stage. I guess the funniest things that happened to me must have been while dancing with Tara Bhavnani. We make quite a couple!

If you designed your own stage costume, what would you create ?
It would be something simple yet glamorous, flattering and comfortable to dance in. Also something easy to get into since I´m always late getting ready!

What are you most proud of ?
Having come as far as have on my own. I was never anyone´s favourite.

Who would play you in the film of your life ?
When I was little people used to say I looked like Macaulay Culkin, which I obviously don´t! But I guess he could play the young me!

What is your favourite quote ?
I´m quite a quotes person! To give one on the spot I’d say:

“When real people fall down in life they get right back up and keep on walking”.

Who can guess where it´s from??!!

What’s on your IPod ?
I have lots of pop music, Sandy&Junior (Brazilian brother and sister I always liked), some classical music and other things. I particularly like Joby Talbot´s “Dying Swan Suite”.

Do you have a secret skill which no one knows about ?
I can bake some delicious Brazilian cheese bread, but it´s hardly a skill since I buy it nearly ready, only have to mix it up and put it in the oven! My real skill is being a great friend, if I may say so myself!!!


  1. Hello!

    I've discovered your blog and is fantastic. I love the ballet, and I'm journalist too... but I'm work in RRPP.
    The interview is very intersting, congratulations to you.

    Specials regards from Spain.

  2. I have never looked at dance from the male prespective before . thanks for letting us look at it that way .

  3. What a joy it would be to see Erico dance up close and personal! Thank you for sharing the interview with us.

    And now, I'd like some of that cup cake!

    Noir in Texas

  4. Hi Elise, thanks for being so nice about my blog! Sorry I took so long to reply, I really need to check my comments more huh? Thanks!

    Jenny x

  5. I wanted to come over and thank you for the nice comment you left at Blue Creek Home.

    I spent some time reading your lovely interviews with these talented dancers. I really enjoyed it.
    How exciting it must be to interview all of these artists.

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment. Being a journalist writing about ballet sounds amazing. I love ballet, but I have yet to see one!

  7. Hello Elise
    So very nice of you to leave such a lovely comment in my Blog~ Thank you, I enjoyed reading about Ballet!
    Karen ; )

  8. Dear Elise: Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog posting today. I am honored and pleased that you would take the time for a visit. Especially after seeing the delicious work you are posting here. I will be back again.

    Best to you,


  9. Great interview! I really enjoyed reading it:) Lovely photos too!

  10. Hi, thanks for the kind words on my blog.

    It is such a pleasure to read about life/their perspective of themselves on those wonderful/pretty ballerinas. Thanks to you, Elise.

    My mom used to be a ballet teacher and I must say it is ONE specially gift for any person who can dance so gracefully w/ their body! To see the beautiful streamline of their body movement is also amazing!! It takes a lot of practice too.

  11. what a lovely blog you have...a great subject. can't wait to read more. such inspiration.

  12. Hello, thank you very much for your visit and commentary, your blog is very nteresting, I like the ballet and I am very satisfied to read your blog.
    I wait let's visit each other.
    Regards from Chile, Titi

  13. What a great interview with such a talented dancer! thanks for visiting my blog~love yours too! :) chris

  14. I'm unfamiliar with him, but I enjoyed your interview of this dancer!

    From his photos, you can see that he has incredible talent!

  15. Thank you for stopping by!

    I love this - anything ballet related reins me in!

    La C.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The interview was great, especially the part about trying to make small rolls feel important.

  17. I know not much about Ballet other then that it's beautiful and it keeps you in great shape! of course as a little girl it was something I always wanted to do. Took one class for about 2 weeks when I was 5 and then I was pulled out because of money becoming too tight. Our teacher took us to a ballet though..I don't know what I saw..all I know is it was amazing. Now some friends and I are going to go see Baryshnikov in a couple of weeks. I'm excited to see what he can still do..I think he is in his 60's?

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your super sweet comment..I really appreciate made my day! Aloha!

  18. I also wanted to thank you for the wonderfully kind comment you left on my blog. Ballet takes so much focus and determination. It is lovely to watch.

  19. A lovely interview with a sweet and humble person.

    Can you ask him where he gets the bread mix from? I miss it.

    Just added you on follow.

  20. Would just like to say thank you for coming by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, and of course I came over here to find you and find myself in such a wonderful blog all about ballet. It really is a lovely place to visit and YOUR photo's are just wonderful.

    I am so glad you came by and will save you as a fav blog to which I will visit often, thank you again for sharing your world.

    best wishes Ginny

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    I really enjoyed reading your blog. The questions and answers with Erico were great!

    Thanks again for stopping by The Old Parsonage!!


  25. Amazing site.. I Love it I am a true follower now!!!!

  26. hi elise,
    thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your very sweet comment! being a dancer i thought you might enjoy this post i wrote over the summer: it is about a adaptive dance program my daughter attended and it was started by julie kent's mom! have a wonderful day and stop by anytime!
    keep dancing!

  27. Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog! It made my day!

    Your blog is beautiful. I only had time to read the first interview, but I'm intrigued. I will follow so I can see more!

  28. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. It is always fun to meet new, interesting people. We (my blogging buddy Amy and I) are so glad to know you now. You have a very nice site. Looking forward to coming back.

  29. Hello!!! Muchas Gracias por tu visita!!!...Me encanta el ballet!!
    Your blog is beautiful.

  30. I love ballet! My niece performs with a company in Germany. I love this interview :)

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    You have such lovely photos on your blog. I will be stopping by more often to check them out and read more of your posts. :)

    Very lovely!
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  32. first of all, thnak you so much for your heartwarming and charming comment on my blog :) you made my day. secondly, I really like yours... I just read the interview and really like this male perspective ... seems like I have a lot to catch up. I am looking forward to come back ELISE .
    à bientôt

  33. Hello Elise,
    thank you for leaving a beautiful comment on La Mimi:)
    I love dancing, I'm more into latin, but I am thinking of taking some ballet classes soon, just to add new skills and tricks to my dancing. I just do it for fun:)


  34. Your comment and kind words on my page lead me to your dance site. Thank you very much.
    Very interesting.
    Greetings from Spain.

  35. I love the ballet and haven't been for years! Thanks for the interview!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog with your kinds words. :-)

  36. HI,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting :)

    I am following you now :) You have a very interesting blog.


  37. Elise, I'm not sure HOW you found my blog today, but let me tell you, your words of affirmation made my day! Now that I've come here and have seen what a "real" and "serious" blogger you are - - - I feel even more proud to receive your words of praise. (I'm just a blogger for fun while you are a blogger in earnest!)

    I don't know anything about ballet, but perhaps I need to come here more often and LEARN!

    Thanks for your visit and your comments, and please feel free to return as often as you'd like.

  38. I love his best bit of advice and the stunning photos, thank-you for spoiling us, it is obvious you love and are passionate about what you do!!Sharon xox

  39. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it means very much to me to have a journalist, a professional in your industry to say such nice things about my humble blog! I do hope you stop by again! xx

  40. What a beautiful blog with just gorgeous photos! There is nothing more artistic to me than a perfect photo of a dancer at work. I love ballet, took it for years, but I am no ballerina. But I do appreciate the time and work dancers put into every performance. Love your blog!!!
    Write Moms

  41. You made my day with your sweet comment. I was so happy you stopped by and you are always welcome. I know very little about ballet, but found your post interesting and informative.

  42. I enjoyed reading your interview-very informative. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am following you know so I can learn more about the ballet.

  43. Elise,

    Thank you for visiting my site! May I ask how you found out about it, if you don't mind?

    I used to do Ballet as a little girl but wanted to do Karate instead, but my father wouldn't allow it. LOL!

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  44. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Erico seems like a wonderful human being (in addition to being a fabulous dancer)

  45. Hi Elise,

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    I took Ballet as a child, though I wanted to take Karate, but my father wouldn't have it. LOL!

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  48. Your blog is so different and unique! I'm glad I found it!!

  49. ballet is simply the most beautiful form of dance...i could look at toe shoes and ballerinas for hours. you have a wonderful job!

  50. What a fantastic interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  51. So glad, you like your blog award Elsie, you really deserve it, your hard shines through!!!
    Sharon xox

  52. I will answer you all in due course but for now :

    Clarity - Erico tells me that his Mum sends it over to him from Brazil - sorry !!

  53. I don't know much about the technical aspects of ballet, but I do know something beautiful when I see it. What lovely pictures!

    And I really love his best advice: "To fall in love with your dreams and with what you do every day." I couldn't agree more! FOLLOW YOUR BLISS! :)))

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  57. O melhor de Erico Montes e ele ser exatamente como é, um ser humano maravilhoso e com enorme talento e tão grande quanto o tamanho da sua humildade,
      Te adoro e admiro sempre


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