Monday, 28 September 2009

A Dream of Africa

Sunday, 27th September 2009
The Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music

Every now and then, like-minded people collaborate and generously give their time for a good cause. Masterminded by Henry Roche and Penny David, ‘A Dream of Africa’ was born - a heady mix of ballet and music to celebrate the lives of Martin Luther King and Barack Obama, and to raise funds for Ghana charity Ashanti Development.

Presented by Stephanie Lane, there were some wonderful musical interludes, skilfully played on the cello by Adrian Bradbury, piano by Henry Roche and Oliver Davies and violin by Robert Gibbs, but as this is the place for ballet, I have omitted the details here.

Song Without Words, Leticia Stock supported by Xander Parish & Sergei Polunin
Photo : Brenda Spooner

Our first ballet treat, Song Without Words, choreographed by Vanessa Fenton, follows the composer Mendelssohn’s own view that the Songs should not be interpreted too literally. Leticia Stock, newly graduated to the company (last seen in the Royal Ballet School Annual Matinee performance as Mustardseed from ’The Dream’), looks entirely at home with fellow Company dancers Sergei Polunin & Xander Parish. Dressed in black they were a sharp trio. Stock in particular has an aura about her that compels you to watch her dancing.

Song Without Words
Photo : Brenda Spooner

The St Paul’s School String Quartet accompanied Coincide and Collide (2009), which showed off newly promoted & beguiling Leanne Cope, in inky black, partnered by another newcomer, Tristan Dyer (graduate of The Royal Ballet School).

Coincide and Collide (2009), Leanne Cope and Tristan Dyer
Photo : Brenda Spooner

Cope has exquisite fluidity of movement and the pair handled the tricky off-balance turns & lifts with finesse to spare, as though they had been dancing together for years. Samantha Raine choreographed this piece which premiered at St Pauls two days earlier.

Coincide and Collide (2009)
Photo : Brenda Spooner

Who wouldn’t love a purple costume ? Liam Scarlett chose well for his dancers Emma-Jane Maguire and Ryoichi Hirano, dancing to Chopin. A World Premiere, Scarlett is already well established as a choreographer of note. Nocturne is a classical piece of interlocking arms, Maguire light and flowing with twittering feet, and Hirano a strong partner in the softly enfolding lifts.

Nocturne, Emma-Jane Maguire, Ryoichi Hirano
Photo : Brenda Spooner

MacMillan’s Concerto pas de deux, with Mara Galeazzi and Gary Avis, in dazzling colour, is slow and sculptural.

Concerto, Mara Galeazzi, Gary Avis
Photo : Brenda Spooner

Such movements require absolute control and Avis showed again just why he is such a highly regarded dance partner. Both were assured and serene throughout.

Photo : Brenda Spooner

Our second World Premiere of the night, Dream Study, by Erico Montes, saw Romany Pajdak, Celisa Diuana and Claire Calvert bourrée backwards across the stage and dance with and away from each other, split by arabesques and beautifully shaped arms.

Dream Study, Romany Pajdak, Celisa Diuana, Claire Calvert
Photo : Brenda Spooner

To close the evening, a story of young love. A young man is tempted to stray from his fiancée by a band of gypsies, but in the final pas de deux from The Two Pigeons, he realises that the grass is not always greener and is reunited with his true love.

The Two Pigeons, Leanne Cope, Paul Kay
Photo : Brenda Spooner

The pigeons themselves were absent, but the title is a metaphor for the young couple in the central roles.

The Two Pigeons
Photo : Brenda Spooner

Leanne Cope’s characterisation of Ashton’s clever choreography references the pigeons throughout, all dreamy fluttering hands and head. Cope is admirably partnered by Paul Kay, attentive, romantic, and delightful. Perfectly matched. Perfection.

The Two Pigeons
Photo : Brenda Spooner


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  2. absolutely gorgeous pix.

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    guess this makes us cousins of a sort,

    we WILL be stopping
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  3. Beautiful! You have a very lovely blog!

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    You have a wonderful blog here too. So nice to read about something I know so little about (apart from ballet lessons when I was 5!)

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