Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I wanted to let you know about the UK's newest classical dance company - Ballet Theatre UK, who have just announced their first tour with The Nutcracker.

The Company have been established for almost a year and there are ten professional dancers (six female and four male), some of whom have performed with major UK and European ballet companies. The dancers are lucky to have a sports therapist on the team, to provide the highest working standards.

I will be writing more about the Company in due course.


The Nutcracker

Where Tchaikovsky’s most loved and unforgettable musical score combines with magical choreography, exquisite costumes and breath taking scenery that together creates an atmosphere of fantasy and illusion.

Our NEW production will premiere in October 2009 before beginning its Autumn tour of the UK, covering over twenty regional venues, and incorporating 3 spectacular sets and over 60 beautifully hand crafted costumes.

The Nutcracker Features such favourites as The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Waltz of the Flowers, The Russian Trepak, The Dance of the Reed pipes and the world famous Waltz of the Snowflakes, to name but a few.

2009 Tour Schedule

Oct 24 Loughborough Town Hall 2.30pm 7.30pm 01509 231914
Oct 27 Paignton The Palace Theatre 7.30pm 01803 665800
Oct 28 Exeter Barnfield Theatre 2.30pm 7.30pm 01392 270891
Oct 31 Redhill Harlequin Theatre 2.30pm, 7.30pm 01737 276 500
Nov 1 Sevenoaks The Stag Theatre 2.30pm, 5.30pm 01732 450175
Nov 3 Nottingham Arts Theatre2.30pm, 7.30pm 0115 9476069
Nov 7 Andover The Lights 2.30pm, 7.00pm 01264 368368
Nov 12 Tamworth Assembly Rooms 7.30pm 01827 709618
Nov 13 Solihull Arts Complex 7.30pm 0121 7046962
Nov 15 York Joseph Rowntree 5.00pm 01904 623568
Nov 19 Wimborne Tivoli Theatre 7.30pm 01202 885566
Nov 21 East Grinstead Chequer Mead 2.30pm, 7.30pm 01342 302000
Nov 26-28th Newbury Arlington Arts 7pm, 7pm, 2pm, 7pm 01635 244246
Nov 29 Nuneaton Abbey Theatre 2.00pm, 5.00pm 07722 389943
Dec 5 Powys Wyeside Arts Centre 7.30pm 01982 552555
Dec 6 Harlech Theatr Harlech 7.30pm 01766 780667
Dec 10 Milton Keynes Stantonbury Campus 7.30pm 01908 324422
Dec 11 Henley-on-Thames Kenton Theatre 7.30pm 01491 575698
Dec 19 Hinckley Concordia Theatre 2.30pm, 7.30pm 07910 707825


  1. I am delighted that you visited Blue Creek Home and left me a comment!!!
    What a fun job you have. When my girls were young, we would take them to the Nutcrakcer at Christmas time. I think it was the one in Birmingham, AL where a dancer's top kept falling down. She was a real trooper and kept dancing...pulling it back up only when she had her back to the audience. I have never seen so many opera glasses come out of hiding in my life!!! Rhonda

  2. wish i could see but im all the way in SE asia.. hehe hope its gna be fun!

  3. wow always learn something every day about dancing after reading your blog . thanks awesome blog as usual .

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words! Your blog is beautiful as well...ballet is such an amazing art!

  5. Thank you for dropping by arise 2 write. What an awesome blog and very informative.
    Blessings, andrea

  6. The nutcracker is absolutely my favourite ballet-the dance of the sugar plum fairy never fails to be magical to watch.

  7. Hi, first of all I love your blog, as I am a big fan of ballet!! Thank you for visiting the paris house and for your very kind comments, It made me smile!
    I'm not sure if you were able to see the post I did last month on a party I threw at the NYC ballet in Saratoga Springs was a lot of fun and just a beautiful day in the park

  8. thanks so much :) it really means a lot you dont even understand i was thinking to stop blogging cause i thought nobody read it, but this helps me to continue. hope eveything is well and good lunck with everything follow my blog :D im trying to get as my followers & again thanks so much hun !

  9. Thank you for coming by my blog!!! I am so happy you enjoy it =0)

    I LOVE to dance and always wished I was trained in classical ballet (and not whatever version of ballet I was taught as a child, haha).

    Do you watch SYTYCD?? Melissa was a ballerina!

  10. Hi Elise and it's so nice to meet you! Oh, you're so very knowledgeable about dance and ballet! I know nothing, except it's so beautiful to watch. I do adore The Nutcracker!
    Thank you for your kind words about my blog and I do hope you'll come back sometimes for another visit!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  11. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog is beautiful and for all of us who love ballet it is inspiring. Thank you for sharing and it is always wonderful to meet new blogging friends.


  12. Thank you for stopping over to my blog. My daughter and I used to go see the Nutcracker every year before Christmas...our tradition together. I miss it. I can still remember her big eyes opened wide with some of the dances and props/scenery on to watch as a parent.

  13. Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Really nice of you :)

    I may have to check out this new company as we're only about 20 miles from Andover!

    Mel xxx

  14. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog - I'm so happy to have found yours!

  15. Hello Elise,
    Thank you so much for visiting me; so glad you liked my site! Your site is far more interesting! What a wonderful job you have!

  16. The Nutcracker is one of my favorite ballets. I used to watch it on TV every year but now I own the DVD. It's beautiful. I collect nutcrackers and bring them out at Christmas time because of that ballet. When I was a little girl all I wanted for Christmas was a nutcracker :>)

  17. Thank you for visiting my farm blog and leaving a lovely comment.

    You have a unique and interesting blog. I don't recall seeing a blog on ballet until now. I will take a few minutes to explore your posts.


  18. aw, your comment on my last post was so sweet! thank you so much :) it made me smile! haha, i was going to post this as a reply on my post, but i wanted to make sure you got it. :) hope you're having a lovely day! xx

  19. I just wanted to pop along and say 'hello' and thank you for the lovely, lovely comment you left me. It's always great to meet new people, so 'Hello' again and have a wonderful day,

    Nina x

  20. Hi Elise, first off i love your name. If we ever have a daughter i want to name her Elise.

    Thanks for visiting my practice blog and taking the time to leave a comment. It's nice to meet you!

  21. Blue Creek Home - Ha ha ! Great story. Dancers really are troupers - I have seen all manner of problems overcome onstage. Welcome and thank you for your comment

    noomie - that's a shame, but maybe you will visit one day ? Welcome and thank you

    phonelady - delighted to help & thank you so much for commenting

    sarahm - it certainly is! thank you for your comment and welcome

    Andrea - very grateful for your lovely comment, glad you are enjoying the website. Welcome and thank you

    potionprincess - is there a better Christmas ballet ? I don't think so. It should be compulsory so that no-one misses out ! Welcome and thank you for commenting

    Bunny - thank you for your comment - you had a great post about NYC too. Welcome !

    Diana V - Always worth persevering if it's something you really want - that is a message that comes over loud and clear from every interview I do. Best wishes and thank you for your comment - and welcome !

    Future Mrs H - thank you for your comment and welcome. You are in good company here !

    Sheila - Lovely to meet you too. One of the aims of this site is to inspire through knowledge - so I hope I am inspiring you too ! The Nutcracker is indeed just about perfect - I hope you've seen it live ?

    Petit Coterie - So grateful for your lovely comment and great to meet you too. Welcome !

    LuLo Designs - I hope you get to see the Nutcracker again - don't give up ! Welcome and thank you for your comment

    Shabby Chick - yes please do, it's really worth it. I will be posting more from rehearsals when they start and I've already started posting interviews with the dancers which I hope you enjoy. Do let me know what you think ! Welcome !!

    vintagelaundress - how lovely, thank you for your comment and welcome !

    Rhonda - thank you for your comment. I do love my job - and feedback is always welcome.

    Charli and me - You are in good company here then ! I hope you've seen it live ? DVD is one thing - to be there is something else altogether. Do let me know !

    Lily - I think this is the only one - thank you for your comment and welcome !

    Melanie Rose - thank you and welcome

    Tabiboo - lovely to meet you too - thank you for your comment and welcome

    Melissa G - Well, the ultimate compliment ! Thank you and lovely to meet you too.


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