Monday, 27 July 2009

Jeremy Curnier : From Student to Star

I am delighted to be able to reveal a specially commissioned drawing by Sarah, an immensely talented artist, to introduce this new series of interviews. I asked Sarah to depict the progression from student to professional dancer, and Sarah has very generously given of her time and skill to produce this magnificent drawing.

From Student to Star is a new series of interviews featuring Graduates as they begin their professional careers, and will be following them regularly.

Jeremy Curnier, a Graduate of The Royal Ballet School, begins work today with Northern Ballet Theatre. Curnier recently danced the role of Puck, from The Dream, in The Summer matinee performance by the School, and was truly outstanding.

What are you most looking forward to about joining the company?

With 8 years of training at the Royal Ballet School behind me I am now looking forward to a whole new experience and meeting a range of dancers from various backgrounds of training. It is also great to finally begin my career with Northern Ballet Theatre where I hope to perform regularly and experience being on tour.

How do you think life will differ from your student days?

Working as a student towards my chosen career has prepared me to give the best of myself and I aim to take this sense of responsibility into the professional world. I believe the routine of performing regularly and on tour will enhance my confidence on stage, enabling me to become more familiar with performance and interpretation of a role while at the same time retaining clean technique.

What are your best achievements as a dancer?

From an early age I have been privileged to perform various character roles with The Royal Ballet Company. These included Fritz in The Nutcracker and the Tsarevich from MacMillan’s Anastasia. Whilst I was at White Lodge another memorable event was a gala performance in front of Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Since Being at Upper School there have been two roles in particular which I have performed on the Royal Opera house stage that have been huge highlights of my career so far. The first was a challenging role in Wayne McGregor’s i-relations and the second was dancing the role of Puck from Ashton’s The Dream at my final graduation performance.

Which professional dancers do you most admire and why?

When I was younger I remember watching ABT’s Don Q and being utterly inspired by Baryshnikov’s performance of Basilio. His technical clarity and his brilliant engagement of the audience were outstanding. I have now watched a lot of his roles and his extensive repertoire and diversity of dance genres is what I believe to be unmatched by any other male dancer.

Since being at Upper School I have learnt not only to draw inspiration from a few professionals but I search YouTube for clips of dancers of all generations and eras as different techniques can teach and show various strengths in a performance.

What do you think you will bring to the Company?

I hope to fulfil my role in Northern Ballet to the best of my ability and become a recognised member of the Company not only for my artistry but also for my hard work and dependability and perhaps a good sense of humour!

How do you imagine your first day to go?

I received an email from Northern Ballet to inform me that our first day will be filled with meetings! I therefore believe Monday the 27th of July will have a quiet relaxed atmosphere where I hope to get the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with the dancers and staff.

As for my first working day, I expect it to be tough as I will be trying to make positive impressions of me as a dancer. I imagine there to be a lively fun ambiance as everyone will be refreshed from their summer holidays!

Which role would you most like to dance?

I would never give up the chance to dance the role of Puck again, whether it be Ashton’s The Dream or David Nixon’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. I enjoy this role because of the energy required and the technical challenge it presents and find it well suited to my physique and stronger qualities in classical ballet.

Where would you like to be this time next year?

I would very much like to still be at Northern Ballet this time next year as I believe it is important to become well established as a dancer in a reputable company. I would like to achieve a higher status and profile in this company before moving on if I so wished.


  1. That was a lovley interview - he sounds so fresh and eager! I hope he has a bright future to look forward too.

  2. what a brilliant interview. Jeremy sounds lovely. I hope you will keep us posted as to his progress - he deserves to go far !

  3. Loved this interview too. What a charming young man Jeremy sounds. Please keep us up to date with his progress - what a shame he's not dancing in London.

  4. I saw Jeremy dance Puck and can vouch for the review in an earlier article on this website. Simply phenomenal for such a young dancer to knock spots off the pro's in a difficult virtuoso role. I hope there is much more you can tell us as time goes by.....

  5. How fortunate that we will be able to watch Jeremy ! Great interview - thank you

  6. I had the chance to see Jeremy as Puck also...must say absolutley amazing dancer! I cant wait to see him perform in the coming months with NBT. Also had the chance to meet the young man - he was charming!! He deserves to go so far and I hope that he does - please keep us posted!

  7. I know Jeremy and can tell you that he is a fantastic gentleman as well as a brilliant dancer

  8. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Jeremy's interview was an absolute pleasure to do - sometimes I do think I have the best job !

    Stay tuned....

  9. I love your new series of interviews. What a star Jeremy is going to become - if not already eh?

    Please keep us posted on how he gets on... not all of us can get to shows

  10. Can I just say how utterly charming Jeremy appears in your interview ? Loved reading it and though I knew nothing of him before (sorry) I will really be watching out for him now. I hope you have more of these intervews coming up soon.... how lovely they are, thank you

  11. Jeremy is destined for greatness

  12. Thank you to all the Anon's. I will keep you posted on how Jeremy gets on.

    I can report that his first week went very well.

  13. I knew Jeremy as a little boy attending JA classes. Lovely to see he is one of the very few that have made it into the profession. Well done Jeremy!

  14. I hope Jeremy becomes the most massive star - he seems to be a perfect gent and fantastic dancer to boot. I can't thank you enough for interviewing him in your unique style - so refreshing from the usual dross in the papers

  15. jezza is my god!

  16. jez, i'm with you boy all the way. Your dancing this year inspired everybody in the royal ballet upper school. I have a little teddy bear with jeremy on it. My names lucy and i go to royal lower school. You dance in my dreams puck. Just beautiful jeremiah!!

  17. To all the Anon's - thank you so much for your comments and welcome !

  18. Thanks for all the lovely comments, I really appreciate them. Jeremy

  19. A long time since the last post, but I just found this page having seen Jeremy perform the lead role in NBT's Peter Pan, this evening and felt I had to comment - he was wonderful & really shone in the part. A great future ahead!


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