Sunday, 26 July 2009

Isabella McGuire Mayes - only a few hours of voting left

Today is the last day of voting, so if you have a moment to follow this link, please have a look at Isabella's achievements and perhaps you will want to vote for her.

Izzy visited this website today and has said how much she would appreciate your votes as well. This is what she said :

"hi i'm isabella , today is the last day of voting and if you would be so kind as to vote for me , i would very much appreciate it xxxx

thank you

I will let you know the result tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Why did the young lady not continue her training in the UK? We wonder why she went to Russia and is now seeking sponsorship.... The article states she went to the Royal Ballet School. Why, as a Brit, going to Russia and than seeking sponsorship?

  2. To the second Anon - please bear with me while I find out the answer to your question.

    Once students leave White Lodge, the lower school, they have to audition for the upper school.

    There could be many reasons for Izzy's decision, and once I have the facts I will let you know.

    It's also worth bearing in mind that Izzy initially thought she was going for 2 years training in Russia - and her teachers there wanted her to do more.

    Plus, the Great Britons competition is set up precisely for those in Izzy's position, so why not apply ?

    I will let you know what Izzy has to say !


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