Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Carlos Acosta and Guest Artists @ The Coliseum in July

Photo : Johan Persson

For those of you who like to know the timings of the shows you attend, for travel purposes, here are the proposed timings for the shows (22-25 July) :

Act 1 - 53 minutes
Act 2 - 48 minutes

One interval

So with a 7.30pm start, the first Act will end at (approx) 8.23pm, with an interval (unspecified length but presumed to be 30 minutes), the second Act will commence at 8.53pm and finish at 9.41pm.

When I had a look this morning, online booking was showing only a few seats left. You can find more detail about the shows, including the rep, here.


  1. thanks for this - not often you find such useful info

  2. thanks for this info =-what a great website you have. great journalism for once


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