Friday, 12 June 2009

Royal Ballet School Open Day

White Lodge Open Day

This coming Saturday 13th June, the Royal Ballet Lower School based at White Lodge in Richmond Park hold their annual Open Day.

It’s a chance to watch the students dancing outside on the lawn, which they do all afternoon.

Also well worth a visit is the historic Grade 1 listed building, not usually open to the public - guided tours are offered throughout the afternoon by the teachers and now that the redevelopment is almost completed there is a lot more to see, including the museum with interactive exhibits.

There are stalls selling champagne, teas & cakes, ice-cream and memorabilia.

The School encourages you to picnic on the lawn and a temporary car park is established very close to the entrance (so you don’t need to park further away in one of the main car parks).

The gates are open from 11 am, with the official opening at midday, and goes on until 5pm.

The local weather forecast is set fair for Saturday - very warm and mostly sunny. Perfect picnic weather in a perfect picnic spot !

Adults £5
Concessions and ‘Friends’ £2
Students and accompanied children free


  1. Hello.Don't know if this is your cup of tea, but I tagged you on my blog!S

  2. Hiya,

    I have a new post on my blog - pics of the royal opera house - I met a friend in covent garden for dinner and then went to a movie - so didnt have time to do the tour - but it is on my todo list - many many thanks for asking me to visit!!

  3. Sarah - I will get around to it - been a bit busy this weekend so far...

    London Belle - so pleased you got to the Opera House. The tours are bookable online and my top tip would always be to book for a 10.30am weekday slot - that way you are almost guaranteed to see a studio full of dancers taking class.

  4. hello
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