Saturday, 13 June 2009

Royal Ballet Lower School Open Day - report - dancing part 3

Year 8 performed an Irish dance - Genevieve Heron, Grace Horne, Rebecca Scanlon, India Thmpson, Benjamin Brown, Henry Dowden, Kilian Smith, Benjamin Thomas.

Year 9 danced a Farandole - Mica Bradbury, Olivia Coles, Jessica Fummo, Amelia Jackson, Fay Meadows, Margarita Reeve, Alexander Bird, Reece Clarke, Jonathan Day, John Rhys Halliwell, Samuel Percy, Glenn Roberts.

Finally, Years 10 & 11 performed Seguidillas - Olivia Holland, Sian Jones, Alexandra Livermore, Abigail Martin, Rebecca Robinson, Emily Starr, Seira Winning, Reagan Wise, Alexander Bennett, Thomas Bennett, David Brewer, Joseph Cane, Luke Cinque-White, William McDonnell, Howard Smith, Jacob Wye.

Here is a short blast of sun :

And a slightly longer one :


  1. a blogger tour sounds fantastic! maybe fresh eyes on london would like to come - i bet he can get some amazing photos.

  2. Brilliant idea London Belle - I have asked Mo.

    The only snag as I see it is that the company are about to leave for Washington & Havana on tour, which means that we would be better off arranging a backstage tour once they are back in October because if we go before then, we won't see any ballet classes. On the plus side, this gives us loads of time to prepare and invite people.....

  3. Hello Elise
    I should have been there....but I'd committed to help take 32 8 year olds to the Lake District!!! My daughter Ellie is VERY understanding and has forgiven my absence.
    Thank you so much for helping me be there in spirit....yes the sculpts are needs time to take them in from all angles.Viewed from different angles the same sculpt can seem quite different.
    Finally, how wonderful that the WL event occurred at the end of the week when I read such heartfelt praise for Alina in the national press.
    Onwards and upwards.

    Best regards

    Brian F

    PS Haven't taken forward with WL the notion of an insider view just yet...likely to be delicate...haven't forgotten though

  4. Would love to do the tour and take some pictures

  5. The tour sounds wonderful and worth waiting until October, I think, if it means seeing classes.Brilliant idea! Sarah

  6. Sarah, Mo & London Belle,

    Have done some research. Here is what I suggest :

    10.30 am is the best time, because the end of the tour should (but is not guaranteed) to catch the dancers in class.

    The tours last 1hr 30 mins.

    I've picked the dates which I think will be most likely to co-incide with something interesting happening (again, guesswork so not guaranteed !) :

    Fri 9th October
    Mon 12th October
    Fri 16th October
    Fri 23rd October
    Thurs 12th Nov
    Mon 30th Nov

    We can book online for all of these dates - Dec is not yet available.

    I suggest we each invite 1 person and see how many can agree to one date.

    Tickets are £8.50 if we book as a group (£10 otherwise) unless you are eligible for discounts.

    I suggested to London Belle that she co-ordinates the posts on her site - if she agrees ! Otherwise any of us can do so - volunteers welcome !

    Hope all this is helpful.


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