Saturday, 13 June 2009

Royal Ballet Lower School Open Day - report

This afternooon White Lodge was packed to capacity - in fact so much so that they had reached their limit of 1500 people at any one time by mid-afternoon.

It can't have hurt that the sun was belting out more than had been forecast, and there were constant queues for the barbeque and the ice-creams !

Almost every blade of grass was sat upon for the ballet performances on the lawn, which are run every hour throughout the afternoon. It's hot work for the children but immensely popular, with live music.

My only gripe, and that of my friends too, was that there could have been more pointe work, but it's a small one and the whole experience is unbeatable.

More on the dancing later but I have to say right now that my head is still reeling from the delicate, sheer exquisiteness of the bronze statues by Richard MacDonald. Regular readers will recall that I mentioned these had been installed on loan for the Royal Gala a few weeks ago. Richard is one of the most collected figurative sculptors alive today and they are the most beautiful, expressive, delicate, sublime sculptures I have ever seen. They must sell for millions and be worth every single penny. They won't be there for much longer and if there is any way you can get to see them, you should.

I've always noticed sculptures of dancers but have never seen any that capture the fleetness of foot nor the elegance & lightness of line which Richard's sculptures do.

I wish they could stay forever; truly they are marvels of creation.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Beautiful! I love your photos of the dancers and I agree wholeheartedly about the sculptures - absolutely stunning.It looks as though you have had a wonderful day.Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah, many thanks for your kind comments. Yes, we did indeed have a wonderful time.

    Those sculptures were something else - even Degas' Little Dancer has none of the refinement of these. Utterly spell-binding and rather like an excellent painting - something you could keep going back to (if you could).

  3. heчч loving the sculptures! :)

  4. Love your web site!I salute you!
    Stopped by my favorite sculptor's gallery in Carmel last weekend and they directed me to your site. As a former member of the New York City Ballet Company I can really appreciate the fabulous line and refinement of Richard MacDonald's work. His is the very best!Keep on writing! Regards, Barbara Bocher


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