Saturday, 13 June 2009

Royal Ballet Lower School Open Day - report - dancing part 1

Back to the dancing now - many different styles on display. The performances and the dancers varied over the 4 shows and here follows the 1.30pm performance. Please excuse the blue tape in the photo's - unavoidable crowd control !

First we had Year 8 boys in two Morris dances - "Bean Setting" & "Rigs O'Marlow". Here we have Benjamin Brown, Henry Dowden, Louis Moore, Kilian Smith, Benjamin Thomas &, Alexander Yap, just before they go on.

And here is a very short video clip :

They were followed by Year 8 girls in a Russian dance - Nicole Blachford, Georgia Bould, Estelle Bovay, Lucie Dennis, Genevieve Heron, Grace Horne, Rebecca Jones, Isabel Lubach, Julia Roscoe, Rebecca Scanlon, Leonie Thomas & India Thompson.

The Ballroom Scene from Romeo & Juliet was danced by Year 10 - Laura-Jane Fenney, Diva Hollands, Alexandra Livermore, Abigail Martin, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Suzan Opperman, Lili Spencer, Georgia Ware, Rosanna Whittle, Seira Winning, Reagan Wise, Jonathon Baker, Matthew Ball, Alexander Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Joseph Cane, Luke Cinque-White, Ryan Clarke, Calum Collins, Kevin Hale, Howard Smith, James Stephens.

Year 11 danced Facade - Scottish - Sian Jones, Ellena Nou & Andrew McNicol.

This was followed by Facade - Milkmaid - Leanne Morris, David Brewer, Lake Laoutaris-Smith & William McDonnell.

Leanne Morris was a revelation.

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