Sunday, 11 July 2010

Royal Ballet School Graduates 2010

Royal Ballet School
Graduate contracts 2010

Huge congratulations to all the RBS graduates, who, at the end of a tough year for students everywhere, gave a remarkable end of year Matinee performance at the Royal Opera House today (review to follow). As the time of publication, the School are waiting for confirmation of the final contracts, but confirmed are :

Yasmine Nagdhi
The Royal Ballet

Sander Blommaert
The Royal Ballet

James Butcher
The Royal Ballet

Machi Moritaka
Birmingham Royal Ballet

William Bracewell
Birmingham Royal Ballet

Angela Wood
English National Ballet

Barry Drummond
English National Ballet

Nicole Cato
Scottish Ballet

Imogen Chapman
Scottish Ballet

Matthew Broadbent
Northern Ballet Theatre

Louis McMiller
Wayne McGregor| Random Dance

Ashley Whittle
Ballet de l’Opera National de Bordeaux

Nicholas Jones
Stuttgart Ballet

Ashley Taylor
Vienna State Opera Ballet

Dario Elia
Zürich Ballet

Philip Helme
Zürich Ballet

Colombe Hays
Dresden Ballet

Mari Kawanishi
Dresden Ballet

Harriet Mills
Karlsruhe State Theatre of Baden

Hannah Carter
Estonian Ballet

Jon Savage
Cape Town City Ballet

Duncan Lyle
Boston Ballet

Paul Russell
Royal New Zealand Ballet

I wish them all well as they make the difficult transition into Company life – where the hard work really starts !


  1. How exciting it must be for all of them. I wish them all the best. Bravo!!

  2. Most interesting to see this spread of placements. Obviously a very gifted cohort, and I wish them all every success.

  3. how wonderful to see such a long list of dedicated, talented and gifted dancers!! congratulations everyone!!! :))

  4. What a wonderful Day ...I wish them all love and Health


  5. Many congratulations! To have a career in ballet is a privilege. Enjoy every minute.

  6. Congratulations to everyone. I know how excited they must be. what an accomplishment.

  7. Just Breathe - yes, and nerve wracking too !

    Anne - thankyou

    lori vliegen - agree !

    La Petite Gallery - thank you

    Janette - too true; it's over in the blink of an eye

    Charli and me - thank you. Yes, excited but nervous too - no-one ever wants to be the new person do they ?

  8. Thanks for posting this.


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