Tuesday, 13 July 2010

BREAKING BALLET NEWS - Bolshoi announce major cast changes ahead of their London tour

Ivan Vasiliev in Spartacus
Photography throughout :  Damir Yusupov

Victor Hochhauser presents

THE BOLSHOI BALLET at the Royal Opera House
Monday 19 July – Saturday 14 August 2010


Svetlana Zakharova has had to withdraw from the Bolshoi Ballet season at the Royal Opera House due to a hip injury.   The revised casting is listed below.

July 19, 20 21, 31 (mat &eve)

Spartacus           Ivan Vasiliev 19, 21, 31(eve)
                        Pavel Dmitrichenko 20, 31(eve)
Crassus             Alexander Volchkov 19, 21, 31(eve)
                        Yury Baranov 20, 31(mat)
Phrygia              Nina Kaptsova 19, 21, 31(eve)
                        Anna Nikulina 20, 31(mat)
Aegina               Maria Allash 19, 21, 31(eve)
                        Ekaterina Krysanova 20, 31(mat)
July 22, 23, 24 (mat & eve)

Swanilda            Natalia Osipova 22, 24(eve)
Anastasia Stashkevich 23, 24(mat)
Frantz                Ruslan Skvortsov 22, 24(eve)
                        Vyacheslav Lopatin 23, 24(mat)
Dr Coppelius       Gennady Yanin

July 26, 27, 28

Waltz                        Ekaterina Krysanova, Igor Khromushin
Russian Dance    Anastasia Yatsenko 26, 28 Anastasia Stashkevich 27
Svetlana Pavlova, Maria Vinogradova, Daria Gurevich, Anna Tikhomirova
Elegy                 Anna Leonova 26, 28
                        Victoria Osipova 27   
                        Karim Abdullin

Giselle               Natalia Osipova 26
Anna Nikulina 27
Nina Kaptsova 28
Prince Albrecht    Ruslan Skvortsov26, 28
                        Alexander Volchkov 27
Berthe               Elena Bukanova
Bathilde             Ekaterina Barykina
Grand Duke        Alexey Loparevich

Triple Bill
29, 30 July

I Petrushka
Petrushka           Mikhail Lobukhin 29
                        Ivan Vasiliev 30
Ballerina            Nina Kaptsova 29
                        Anastasia Stashkevich 30
Moor                  Denis Savin 29
                        Igor Tsvirko 30
Charlatan           Gennady Yanin

II Russian Seasons
Couple in Yellow
(then in white)    Ekaterina Krysanova    Andrei Merkuriev
Couple in Red     Natalia Osipova 29 
                         Anastasia Meskova 30 
                         Denis Savin
Couple in Green  Yulia Grebenschikova           Alexander Vodopetov
Couple in Blue     Anna Okuneva            Vladislav Lantratov
Couple in Violet  Chinara Alizade           Igor Tsvirko
Couple in Claret
Red                   Anna Nikulina             Vyacheslav Lopatin

III Grand Pas from ballet “Paquita”
Paquita              Maria Alexandrova
Lucien d’Hervilly  Nkolay Tsiskaridze
Pas de Trois       Anna Tikhomirova  Anastasia Stashkevich
Vladislav Lantratov 29
Andrey Bolotin 30

Le Corsaire
2, 3, 4, 5 August 2010

Medora      Maria Alexandrova 2, 5
                Natalia Osipova 3,
                Ekaterina Krysanova 4
Conrad       Nikolay Tsiskaridze 2
                Ivan Vasiliev 3
        Ruslan Skvortsov 4
        Alexander Volshkov 5
Gulnare      Marianna Ryzhkina 2, 4
                Nina Kaptsova 3
                Anastasia Yatsenko 5
Birbanto     Vitaly Biktimirov 2, 4
                Andrey Merkuriev 3, 5
Pas d’esclaves
                Nina Kaptsova 2, 4
Anastasia Yatsenko 3, 5
Ivan Vasiliev 2
                Denis Medvedev 4
                Vyacheslav Lopatin 3, 5

Don Quixote
6, 7 (mat & eve), 8 (mat) August

Kitri                  Natalia Osipova 6, 8
                        Ekaterina Krysanova 7(mat)
                        Marianna Ryzhkina 7(eve)
Basilio                       Ivan Vasiliev 6, 8
                        Andrey Merkuriev 7(mat)
                        Mikhail Lobukhin 7(eve)
Don Quixote               Alexey Loparevich
Sancho Panza     Alexander Petukhov 6, 7(eve)
                        Sergey Minsakov 7(mat), 8
Gamache            Denis Savin      

Ivan Vasiliev in Spartacus

Ivan Vasiliev in Spartacus


  1. Thank you for posting this! Zakharova has had a terrible year for injuries, I hope she has plenty of rest and makes a full recovery soon.

    I'm now rather confused as the changed castings on the Royal Opera House Website are different to the Bolshoi revised casting list. I'm going with the Bolshoi cast list as the ROH has Osipova dancing Don Quixote on the 6th and 8th with Lobukhin and on the 7th as originally cast with Vasiliev, which is a very strenuous performing schedule!

    With only six days to go I wonder what the general reaction to these sudden changes will be?

  2. K seriously I'm so excited to see a ballet abroad this winter!!
    I get ridiculously excited when you update. You should make yourself a button so I can advertise for you more. People would love to read these things!

  3. ToThePointe you can trust this casting. There has been a delay because the details had to be verified - which wasn't easy. Hope that helps.

    C'est la vie - that is so lovely of you to say; thank you.

  4. ah GOOD NEWS
    i found your "advertise here" button, which i then stole :)

  5. Thank you, that's put my mind at ease, at this rate I began to fear I would have to purchase a ticket for every performance of Don Quixote in order to see Osipova and Vasiliev perform once! As it stands I have a 50% chance come curtain up that I will be watching my favoured duo, that said any combination of Bolshoi dancers would be incredible.

  6. I saw Vladimir Vasiliev in Spartacus...long time ago in Moscow:-)*
    It was extrimely big impression for me!

    These photos with Ivan Vasiliev in Spartacus let me thinking about then...with many great emotions,thank you,dear Friend!


  7. Thank you for posting this...I have to tell my friends about this...So great! Kisses darling and have wonderful day!

  8. Now I want to see Spartacus. I never have.

  9. C'est La Vie - thank you ! I will be along to see what you've done with my button shortly

    Regan - thank you

    VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier - how lovely, thank you

    Diana Mieczan - thank you - I hope they have all booked tickets ?

    balletomane1 - it's the Marmite ballet - you either love it or hate it

  10. Does anyone know much about Anna Tikhomirova. She danced the role of La Folie in Coppelia last Saturday at the matinee and she dominated the stage with her technique and presence?

  11. Marianne - I will find out and get back to you as soon as I have an answer. thank you for your query.


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