Thursday, 1 July 2010

Royal Ballet Period 1 latest casting

Period 1 is your first chance to see some of the new joiners on the Covent Garden stage for the first time - Kish & Mendizabel in Theme and Variations and Winter Dreams respectively, as well as seeing the newly promoted dancers, notably Polunin to Principal.
Also back on the Covent Garden stage after a very long absence due to illness, Lauren Cuthbertson, who is currently on tour with the Company in Japan.

There are many debuts to look forward to as well - Carlos Acosta in Winter Dreams, Melissa Hamilton & Helen Crawford in Onegin and Sergei Polunin & Thomas Whitehead in Sylvia.

(Please note that casting is subject to change)


30 September | 9, 25 October
Cojocaru, Kobborg, Choe*, tbc, Gartside

2, 12 October
Marquez, Soares, Takada*, Stepanek, Whitehead*

5, 8 October
Morera, Bonelli*, Hamilton*, Polunin*, Avis

6, 13, 20 October
Galeazzi, Makhateli, Crawford*, Hristov, Hirano*


La Valse

15, 22, 30 October
Cuthbertson, Kobayashi*, Crawford*, Pennefather*, Hirano*, Avis

16 (mat), 18, 28 October
Filpi*, McNally*, Chapman, Kish*, Whitehead, Stepanek*

New Brandstrup

15, 18, 22, 30 October
Cojocaru*, Kobborg*

16 (mat), 28 October
Benjamin*, Watson*

Winter Dreams

15, 30 October
Nuñez*, Acosta*, Morera*, Galeazi*, Cope*

16 (mat), 22 October
Lamb*, Soares*, Marquez*, Mendizabel*, Gartside*

18, 28 October
Rojo*, Pennefather*, Morera, Galeazzi, Cope

Theme and Variations

15, 30 October
Rojo, Polunin*

16 (mat), 28 October
Cojocaru, McRae*

18, 22 October
Nuñez*, Kish*


3, 12 November | 1 December
Nuñez, Pennefather, Avis

6 (mat), 15 November
Cuthbertson*, Polunin*, Whitehead*

9, 19 November
Lamb, Bonelli, Gartside

10, 26 November
Yanowsky, Makhateli, Soares


20, 24 November
Cojocaru, Pennefather

2, 28 December
Marquez, McRae

3, 9, 13 December
Rojo, Côte*

17 December
Choe, Polunin

21, 29 December
Cuthbertson*, Bonelli

*denotes a debut in the role


  1. So many exciting events coming up!


  2. I wish I could be there for these performances. Covent Garden is my favorite place to visit in London!

  3. Couture Carrie - hopefully not before a summer break though !!

    Miss Val's Creations - it's a great place to visit, that's true !


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