Thursday, 10 June 2010

Royal Ballet Promotions, leavers, joiners


Sergei Polunin in The Sleeping Beauty
Photograph :  Johan Persson

Sergei Polunin is promoted to Principal

Sergei Polunin and Yuhui Choe in La Bayadere
Photograph :  Bill Cooper

Johannes Stepanek to First Soloist
Melissa Hamilton to Soloist
Claire Calvert, Akane Takada, Fernando Montano and Erico Montes to First Artists

Nehemiah Kish joins as Principal from the Royal Danish Ballet

Itziar Mendizabal joins from the Leipzig Ballet as First Soloist

Graduates from The Royal Ballet School join the company as Artists and are :

Yasmine Naghdi
Sander Blommaert
James Butcher

Valentino Zucchetti joins from the Norwegian Ballet

Camille Bracher joins from Johannesburg as Artist
Beatrix Stix-Brunell from the School of American Ballet as Artist

Miyako Yoshida retires at the end of the season

Also leaving/left are :

Viacheslav Samodurov
Yohei Sasaki
Gemma Sykes
Cindy Jourdain
Ernst Meisner
Richard Ramsey
Xander Parish


  1. Good luck to all those leaving. I'd like to hear what they do after their retirement. That's the scariest thing for me.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info with all of us across the pond!!

  3. This sort of news is most interesting to know. And yes, retirement must be scary - good luck to them.

  4. Dancing Branflake - agree it can be a worry but for most dancers, they know that at best, they have a short career and are encouraged to add other strings to their bow. Miyako retired after 25 years with the company which really is unusual. I believe that she wants to spend time with her family in Japan, just as Darcey Bussell is doing in Australia. There are so many options for dancers if they want to stay in the profession too - photography, teaching etc. I think all it takes is some advance planning.

    Anne - thank you. Hope to have other compsny news for you as their seasons draw to a close.

  5. Anon - thank you. Good to hear that a student from your side us coming over here ! The ballet world is a small one !!


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