Friday, 8 May 2009

New Work in the Linbury - updated details

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of updates to the information in my earlier post, notably who is choreographing each piece, and the details of Kristen McNally's piece.

Yes we did...
Choreography : Kristen McNally
Sian Murphy
Romay Pajdak
Pietra Mello Pittman
Akane Takada
Tom Whitehead
Ryiochi Hirano
Ernst Meisner
Richard Ramsey
Liam Scarlett
Andrej Uspenski
James Wilkie
Errico Montes
Fernando Montano

Dear Norman
Choreography : Christopher Hampson
Johan Kobborg
Sergei Polunin

Les Lutins
Choreography : Johan Kobborg
Alina Cojocaru
Sergei Polunin
Steven McRae

Consolations & Liebestraum
Choreography : Liam Scarlett
Tamara Rojo
Ricardo Cervera
José Martín
Leanne Cope
Bennet Gartside
Laura Morera

Non Linear Interactions
Choreography : Viacheslav Samodurov
Mara Galeazzi
Gary Avis
Dawid Trzensimiech
Olivia Cowley
Brian Maloney
Cindy Jourdain

Choreography : Jonathan Watkins
Samantha Raine
Ernst Meisner
Laura McCulloch
Johannes Stepanek
Yuhui Choe
Steven McRae
Laura Morera

Choreography : Ludovic Ondiviela
Mara Galeazzi
Bennet Gartside
Cindy Jourdain
Brian Maloney
Kristen McNally
Johannes Stepanek

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  1. looks like a great programme and I'll buy seats for one of them


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