Thursday, 21 May 2009

Darcey Bussell's Magic Ballerina books

Darcey Bussell launched the first six books in her Magic Ballerina series last October and since then a quarter of a million copies have been sold worldwide.

Now Darcey is back with the next six stories, which feature Rosa (a new character), who has inherited the magic red ballet shoes from Delphine (from the first series) and who has started learning ballet at Madame Za-Za’s school.

Darcey’s charming books are aimed at readers aged 5-8 years, and what I like so much about them (though they are not aimed at adults !) is the authenticity with which Darcey, (now retired from The Royal Ballet where she was a Principal dancer from the age of 19), has been able to imbue the stories with genuine ballet steps. Along with the words, the pictures inspire young children to "have a go", and at the end of each book Darcey includes a master class of her own, showing that it too, could be you.

Darcey and her two daughters provide the ideas and collaborate with her writer who weaves them into magical stories, including a special summer edition called “Summer in Enchantia” which is published by HarperCollins on 28th May 2009.

The books just launched are :

7. Rosa and the Secret Princess
8. Rosa and the Golden Bird
9. Rosa and the Magic Moonstone
10. Rosa and the Special Prize
11. Rosa and the Magic Dream
12. Rosa and the Three Wishes

I can thoroughly recommend these books – you will enjoy reading them to your children too – and they are available from Amazon either from the UK or from the US

I can't think of a better way to reward your child's great recital or the end of exams than with these authentically told ballet stories.

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