Sunday, 17 January 2010

Our Ascending Stars - Shiori Kase

Our Ascending Stars....

The quite fabulous noomiedoodlesfashion very generously gave up some time to work on my brief, which was to use her fashion expertise to conjure up traditionally dressed dancers but with a fashionable twist.

'Our ascending stars'…. follows the progress of professional dancers who have graduated this year. Regular readers will know that all of the dancers featured here were interviewed just as they made the transition from vocational school to professional ballet company. Here we see how they've been getting on....

Shiori Kase, Artist, English National Ballet

Shiori Kase as one of the Mirlitons from The Nutcracker

What is it like now that you are working as a professional dancer?

I feel weird! I still can`t believe I’m in the Company and that I actually dance with the Company. But I really like being here, especially now that I can wear whatever I want to, and I can work for myself in class and rehearsals.

Which roles have you performed so far and what did you enjoy?

We`ve done Scherazade, Giselle and The Nutcracker and we are doing The Snow Queen at the moment. I really enjoy dancing every role but if I have to say my favourite it’s going to be "Vine Gatherers" from Giselle, "Mirlitons" and "Walz of flowers" from The Nutcracker.

What have you learnt that`s been unexpected?

It`s a hard one for me. I didn`t realize how difficult it would be to dance the choreography as well as staying in perfect alignment.

What`s been the best thing about company life so far?

Dancing in the Coliseum! We`ve been touring to so many places and every theatre is so different, but the Coliseum is nice and big! And also I love dancing with people from here, everyone is so nice and I am always watching amazing dancers. They make me work hard more and more!

Which roles are coming up for you in the next year?

We`ve going to do Giselle after The Snow Queen and I’m really looking forward to dancing Giselle. I’m dancing "Vine Gatherers" the "Pas de six" and the "Wilis".


  1. arent these girls adorable dressed like zebras ? LOL !!! just kidding they are adorable and thanks for sharing these wonderful storys of the ballet with us .

  2. So beautiful.. Their costumes are divine..

  3. what lovely costumes! gosh looking at these ballet pictures makes me regret quitting ballet when I was little *bloos*

  4. phonelady - thank you ! I can see why you might think of zebras, but actually they are dressed as sweets !

    nevin - the costumes were very good for this production - very bold and unusual. It's the last time they will be seen though !

    Michelle - ah, well, it's always possible to take adult classes and they are very popular !


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