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I'm sure you'll all join me in congratulating Birmingham Royal Ballet on their much deserved win.  I saw this programme last year and regular readers will recall my surprise at being almost catapulted from my seat in The Manhattan Project.  The ballet is adventurous and engaging, with great use of the stage from the dancers as you'd expect.  More surprising was the ingenious use of lighting - it really does need to be seen to be believed.

Media release: 27.01.2010


Elisha Willis and Joseph Caley in Birmngham Royal Ballet's E=mc²
Photograph :  Bill Cooper

Director David Bintley’s E=mc² wins ITV’s The South Bank Show Awards dance prize

Birmingham Royal Ballet is thrilled to announce success for Director David Bintley and his ballet E=mc² at ITV’s The South Bank Show Awards at London’s Dorchester Hotel on Tuesday 26 January 2010. Hosted by Melvyn Bragg, the 14th South Bank Show awards is the last ever ceremony for the celebrated arts programme.

Samara Downs in The Manhattan Project
Photograph :  Roy Smiljanic

Based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E=mc², choreographed by Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Director David Bintley, enjoyed its world premiere at Birmingham Hippodrome in September 2009 as part of the triple bill Quantum Leaps and delighted audiences during the Company’s autumn 2009 tour.

E=mc² is set to a specially commissioned score by Australian composer Matthew Hindson with costumes by Kate Ford and lighting by Peter Mumford and was inspired by the book E=mc²: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation from author David Bodanis.

Other nominees in the category were Wayne McGregor’s Limen and dance group Diversity, winners of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent programme.

Birmngham Royal Ballet's E=mc²
Photograph :  Roy Smiljanic

Speaking at the Award Ceremony yesterday David Bintley said: I am delighted to win The South Bank Show dance award for E=mc² in Birmingham Royal Ballet's 20th anniversary year. This award celebrates the company's creative collaborations, the talent of the dancers and highlights my commitment to producing new work that will take Birmingham Royal Ballet forward into another exciting year and decade.

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Chief Executive, Christopher Barron said: This prestigious award comes at a significant time for Birmingham Royal Ballet as the company prepares to celebrate 20 years in the City of Birmingham. The recognition for dance at The South Bank Show Awards not only celebrates the work of David Bintley and Birmingham Royal Ballet but also highlights the strength of the company and the arts in Birmingham as it moves forward in its bid for the City of Culture in 2013.

The South Bank Show Awards ceremony honours the best in British arts in the world with 10 awards in categories including; TV Drama, Classical Music, Pop Music, Visual Arts, Comedy, Dance, Film, Literature, Opera and Theatre.


  1. Spectacular picture by Bill Cooper!
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. A ballet based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity sounds extraordinary !

  3. it sounds amazing... beautiful picutres!

  4. What an innovative theme! I only wished I lived somewhere that I could see it on stage. The pictures you shared look so intriguing.

  5. E=MC2 was a really amazing piece of ballet! I loved it, and surprisingly, so did my husband (who warned me before we got to the theatre that he might fall asleep as he had done when we'd seen the nutcracker the previous year). It was innovative, smart and a not unpleasant assault on the senses! I love David Bintley's choreography, it's so deceptively intuitive!

  6. Suzy's Vintage Attic - they always are !

    The villager: - yes, it truly was. Believe me, when you sit through a lot of ballet, you really notice the ones that stand out and remember them !

    xox Dany - it was. I hope you get to see it - maybe they should release a video ?

    AlyGatr - yes, it's a shame and I wish you could see it too !

    betz - thank you. Yes, I'm very lucky with the images which really help if you can't be there.

    Anon - thank you. Yes I agree, it was amazing and had me hooked all the way through. Your husband surely could not have slept through The Manhattan Project ?!!

  7. Elise, thank you so much for opening up a whole different world to us here in blogland. Your writings and pictures are so inviting. I don't always get over here daily, but try to catch up sometime in the week. I left an award for you a couple of days ago, please go to my post. Thanks also for taking the time to visit me. I don't know how you ever have time to blog with such a busy schedule, but I am so glad that you do.

  8. Wonderful photos..Makes me want to see a performance very soon.

  9. Nope, he certainly couldn't have slept through the manhattan project, but nor would he have wanted to. He *loved* the very futuristic music, being something of a leftfield fan, he was in awe of the dancers' ability to move to the music yet still be graceful (he even asked, at one point, manhattan project excluded, if it was leftfield...!). I may be a little biased though, as I love the BRB, they have always captured for me the technical and narrative beauty of classical ballet, and it's great to see that applied to a more contemporary piece.

    Aside from that - thank you Elise, I love your blog and devour it each time there's something new. I'm always excited to check it: and look forward to it like a favourite magazine!

    Hannah x
    (PS - I tried to add my name to the 'anon' post before but the website wouldn't let me, so I'm adding my name now, but accept ownership of the previous 'anon' comment!)

  10. Cloudia - thank you

    Lori R. - thank you so much for your award and for your comments. I'm so pleased that you are enjoying my posts.

    Turquoise Diaries - I hope you do !

    Anon - thank you !


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