Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Jewelled ballet shoes are back in vogue - yes, it's Cinderella

Ballet Ireland are touring in the UK next month, bringing with them two ballets - Lyric Suite by Michael Corder and Cinderella by Morgann Runacre-Temple.

Amy Drew as Cinderella
Photo :  Fennell Photography
Lyric Suite is a classical piece set to music by Grieg. The score is made up from three movements from the Holberg Suite op.40 (preludium, sarabande and rigaudon), the 2nd movement of Two Nordic Melodies op.63 and one movement from the Lyric Suite op.54 (notturno). And finally the Norwegian march also from the Lyric Suite.

Lyric Suite is followed by a brand new take on the Cinderella fairytale. Ever wondered what happens after the wedding? Well Morgann takes up the story when the pair return from the honeymoon! The tale starts after the Ball and the most famous incident of a lost shoe in fictional history.

The story continues on past the wedding scene to the perhaps not quite so 'happily ever after' Cinderella and Prince Charming. The ultimate hero and heroine duo struggle to overcome their differing backgrounds and Cinderella's humble beginnings as she settles in to being the Princess. We have some hilarious scenes to open the ballet as Buttons and the 'Ugly Sisters' prepare for the homecoming of the couple.

What Cinderella doesn't realise is that the Prince has bankrupted his kingdom and he may well have to auction off Cinderella's gowns, a wedding present from her Fairy Godmother. Will she save the day once more ?

The UK tour dates are :

Monday 9 London Unicorn Theatre 020 7645 0560
Thursday 12 Cheltenham The Bacon Theatre 01242 258002
Saturday 14 Aberystwyth Arts Centre 01970 623232
Tuesday 17 Keswick Theatre By The Lake 01768 774411
Wednesday 18 Rhyl Pavilion Theatre 01745 330000
Saturday 21 Hexham Queen’s Hall Arts Centre 01434 652 47


  1. wow! that looks amazing, i always loved cinderella as a child, i may have to see the ballet!
    please visit my new blog -

    sophie x

  2. Cinderella is one of my favorite ballets. :)

  3. Cinderella would be a magical ballet! Wish I could see this one.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Sounds fabulous! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.

  5. this has nothing to do with your post but in reply to you I totally agree with you! they are all so whiny! My dad saw the comment and was like YEEEEEESSSSS. tee hee...

  6. Hello Elise darling, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and prayers. I am one lucky girl to have you as a friend; you truly are the gem in my teacup. I am now off to stroll around your blog to see what I have missed.

    I truly missed you luv
    Love & Hugs

  7. sophie la-la-la x - I hope you do get to see Cinderella & thank you for your comment

    Couture Cookie - mine too ! Is there a better pdd ?

    Pinecone Camp - I hope you do - it really is magical

    Marguerite - thank you

    Imogen - ha ha ! thanks for letting me know !

    Duchess of Tea - What can I say ? What a Duchess of a friend you are !!

  8. I'm very thankful to the author for posting such an amazing post.


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