Friday, 9 October 2009

Fabian Reimair interviewed for "Cupcakes & conversation ..."

Cupcakes & conversation with Fabian Reimair, First Soloist, English National Ballet

You can book to see Reimair dancing the role of Albrecht in Giselle (with his wife Fernanda Oliveira in the title role), in Liverpool on 30th October, in Bristol on 2nd and 7th November, and in Oxford on 21st November. Reimair also dances the role of Hilarion from Giselle in Southampton on 11th November and in Oxford on 19th November.

What motivates you at 8am on a Monday morning ?
A cold shower, a hot coffee and the thought of what a nice weekend I just had. Monday is actually quite easy because I'm rested. I do need motivation on a Friday afternoon though.

Who would you most like to dance with ?
My wife of course, but if she isn't around, I would ask one of the 'Ballroom' champions - I admire their precision, that is something I would love to try. (Reimair married ENB Principal dancer, Fernanda Oliveira in July, in Ernegg Castle, Lower Austria).

What is your daily routine at the moment ?
If we are not performing, I get up at 8.30, go to work for class at 10.30, rehearse whatever is next on the schedule for me, most days till 18.30. Iif I'm lucky, I finish earlier or have a long break in between, time to hit the gym for some workout or a quick badminton session (my hobby). After work we probably do some food shopping and cooking at home and as you know there is always some catching up with "real life" to do - paying bills, making phone calls and answering emails, things I don't have time for during the day. Later at night, I like crashing on my sofa.

You can ask six famous people to dinner - who would you invite ?
Richard Branson, Kanye West and Al Pacino for some career advice, Jimmy Carr for the entertainment, Gordon Ramsay to do the cooking and my famous best friend Aleks to share this experience with me.

What would surprise people about you ?
How tidy I am - I just love to clean, clear and organize.

Who inspired you to dance ?
Apart from my mum, who put me into ballet, I have to say some of the dancers from the Vienna State Opera. When I was around 14 and still in ballet school, we used to go and watch some rehearsals on stage and I was fascinated.

How would someone else describe you ?
As serious - I think it's hard for people to read my face... until they get to know me.

What is your best piece of advice ?
Do now, whatever you can do now - something else will come up later and then you’ll wish you had done it before.

Which role has tested you the most & how ?
Maybe 'Perpetuum Mobile' by Christopher Hampson - one of the hardest pas-de-deux’s I've done, with many lifts and a couple of things that can easily go wrong.

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you ?
If you mean stage related: I went to Monte Carlo one summer, to perform Coppélia with the local ballet school. I had to do the role of the 'Burgomaster' and as this wasn't a very challenging role and I used to spend all day in the sun on the beach, it happened that I missed my curtain calls because I fell asleep in the wings, STANDING ! (wasn't funny at the time, because I got told off).

If you designed your own stage costume, what would you create ?
Something big and awkward - like 'Rothbart' (from Swan Lake) : to make it look impressive and danceable is quite difficult - this is more of a challenge than creating a unitard.

What are you most proud of ?
To be able to transfer my upbringing and the values my parents taught me, into my own life.

Who would play you in the film of your life ?
Sasha Baron Cohen? Not because of his Austrian character 'Bruno', but because he is funny and versatile (and a bit of a nutter). You should be able to laugh about yourself...

What is your favourite quote?
Those who know, don't talk and those who talk, don't know a thing.

What’s on your iPod ?
Where do I start? I've got around 11,000 songs on my iPod, ranging from classical music to gangster rap. I can't single out songs, but some of my favourite artists include: Philip Glass, The Cranberries, Enya and Nas.

Do you have a secret skill which no one knows about ?
Lots - but they are so secret, even I don't know about them :-)


  1. Fantastic post, I am planning my ballet schedule for manhatten now

  2. Bunny - Excellent news ! Do let us know what you see & what you made of it !

  3. Good interview. Love your blog! So refreshingly unique and beautiul. :)

  4. amazing post
    (and he's gorrrrrgeous!)

  5. Loved the answers, the depth, and the looks!
    Ahhh, I really want to take in a ballet...its been a while

  6. he sounds like a fascinating person!! i just love his answers for "best piece of advice" and "secret skill"!! :)

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  8. Wonderful interview. So many questions answered. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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    thanks for visit my blog ;)
    You have a lovely blog!! it's so special! I don't know too much about ballet, but I think is beautiful! Thanks for a so special site!!

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  11. Dear Elise,

    So nice of you to leave a comment on my Blog. Just nice to know that people drop by now and again to view it.

    Praise, where praise is due, this is a lovely Blog you have too darling. I have not come across one quite like it before. In a way it enlightens us all to the finer arts we sometimes do not take into consideration. Well done Elise.

  12. I am now going to start calling people nutters.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. Interesting interview. His advice and favorite quote were very insightful..... :O)

  14. What a fun interview! I'd love Jimmy Carr as a guest too.

  15. What a great interview, I just adore your blog, it's my first time here. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Hi there. Thank you for dropping by my blog and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. Take care.

  17. That is an interesting dinner table right there. Love that Fabian is keeping it real, and I can relate to his schedule a lot, being an ex-dancer myself!

  18. Simply Colette - thank you so much, very kind of you to say so

    daisychain - thank you

    Anika - thank you - I hope you do get to the ballet and please let us know what you saw !

    lori vliegen - I think all of my interviewees have given great answers, and Fabian is no exception ! Thank you for saying so !

    Roberta Granada - thanks

    Bobbi Jo - thank you very much - good to hear that they hit the right note !

    sexyinthecity - thank you very much. You are very welcome and I hope you continue to learn and be inspired by ballet here !

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    Kristin - ha ha !

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    Winnie - yes I agree - all the dinner guests have been a fascinating mix

    Poppy - welcome ! Thank you very much for your kind words

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  19. just adorable..

    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Couture Cookie - great to have your expertise here !

    nevin - thank you


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