Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Royal Ballet's James Wilkie

James Wilkie has been interviewed for Wiltshire Life, in their popular My Wiltshire column.  Regular readers will recall that I singled James out for praise in the Royal Ballet's recent new work As One.

Double click on the image to make it larger - and please do use the link to visit the Wiltshire Life website if you'd prefer to have a copy of the magazine.


  1. This was such a wonderful interview! I loved hearing how he sends his grandmother flowers from all over the world. It was quite touching. I really like to hear people speak of the passion of their work. He is not only a great dancer but a fantastic person as well. Thank you.


    Charli and me - I agree with you there !

  3. Interesting interview but difficult to get it in a legible format.

  4. Anne - I appreciate what you are saying - I'm afraid the only answer is to buy the magazine. You can do that online via the website for Wiltshire Life. They were kind enough to let me publish anything at all, so I think if you can't read it, you might be better off with the magazine - it's not expensive.


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