Saturday, 28 November 2009

Daria Klimentová - legwarmers sale

English National Ballet Senior Principal Dancer, Daria Klimentová is selling some of her legwarmers. 

They would make a really unique Christmas present if you want to surprise friends and family.

If you would like to purchase any of them, please leave me a comment with the details and I will make the arrangements for you, provided they have not been sold already.

Please hurry though - they are selling out very quickly !

No 2 - £25 + postage

No 3 - £25 + postage - NOW SOLD

No 4 - £25 + postage

No 5 - £25 + postage

No 7 - £25 + postage

No 8 - £15 + postage

No 12 - £15 + postage - NOW SOLD

No 13 - £15 + postage

No 14 - £15 + postage

No 15 - £15 + postage


  1. I can't buy any of these but they are soo cute!

  2. I would love some, preferably pink ones for my granddaughter. (13,14, 15, any of those)
    You can reach me at
    Margaret B

  3. Imogen - not to worry, glad you like them though !

    The French Bear - I have left a message for Daria so either she or I will be in touch with you soon - thank you for your interest - I bet your granddaughter will be amazed that you managed to find these !

  4. Hello Elise! These legwarmers are adorable- I especially love the striped ones!

    Wanted to let you know you've won the jewelery giveaway over at The Fab Miss B! Please shoot me an e-mail so we can get you your prize! (thefabulousmissbATgmailDOTcom)



  5. Hi,

    I would like either no 8, 12 or 14.
    You can contact me on

  6. They are all just fabulous!! I may get a pair, don't know if I'll wear them but they are so unique and I can always send them as a Christmas gifts

  7. What a shame I've just finished dissertation and have no work other wise I'd love to buy a couple - gorgeous!

  8. Anon - thank you - I have left a message for Daria and I'm sure she'll be in touch if she hasn't already

    The Fab Miss B - thank you ! I have

    bunny, The Paris House - hello - I think that's exactly the idea but don't leave it too long...

    Make Do Style - that's a shame, these opportunities don't come along that often !

  9. This would make a great gift for any dancer. Great idea!

  10. I can confirm that Daria will email those of you who have expressed a wish to buy a pair. Thank you so much !

  11. These are adorable. I like all the colours and stripes.

  12. If there are any left, I'd love a pair, preferably 8,12,13,14,or 15.
    I can be contacted on

  13. Charli and me - I agree, I hope you've snapped a pair up !

    Imogen - thank you

    Hannah - Daria should have made contact with you by now - I hope you managed to buy a pair

    noomiedoodlesfashion - aren't they just ?

  14. HI mi name is Cristina, i wanna buy some legwarmers please contac me in you


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