Friday, 10 April 2009

Willie's cacao

Hi everyone,

Just a little update on the chocolate post below.

The scientific tests which Willie carried out have shown that if you drink his cacao before exercising, you will burn more fat and you will feel that the exercise takes less effort, than if you hadn't drunk the cacao.

What's not to like ?

One of the best bits from the first series is now on YouTube, where Willie talks about having a hangover and trying to cook a turkey. It's hilarious and I remember it well !

There are plenty of other clips as well if you have the time.

Has anyone tried the 70% bars yet ? I have carried out several dawn raids on Waitrose but so far the shelves have been bare. There are plenty of people looking for it though !

I have tried other dark chocolate and haven't found it very appealling. I think, as Willie says, it's all about flavours - and if you don't like the flavours of one manufacturer then it can put you off. I think that once you have converted to the dark side though, there is no going back to the mixture of fat and sugar which is really confectionery and not chocolate at all.

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