Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Carlos Acosta and Guest Artists - programme details for July shows

Photo credit : Johan Persson

Very exciting news about the July shows, with new repertoire.

We have :

Arionel Vargas and Begona Cao from English National Ballet - performing Ben Stevenson’s Three Preludes accompanied by Rachmaninoff’s score and Derek Deane’s Summertime

Miguel Altunaga from Rambert - performing a new piece choreographed by Acosta

Veronica Corveas from Ballet Nacional de Cuba

Nina Kaptsova from the Bolshoi - performing the challenging Spartacus pas de deux with Acosta (Kaptsova was his original Bolshoi partner in this ballet)

Steven McRae and Roberta Marquez from The Royal Ballet - performing Ashton’s Rhapsody

Amilcar Moret and Florencia Chinellato debut in London from Hamburg Ballet - performing a piece from Neumeier’s La Dame Aux Camelias

Plisetski’s nature-inspired piece Canto Vital, performed by Acosta, Moret, McRae and Vargas.

A live tango band onstage as Altunaga and Cao perform Brandstrup’s Tango;

Majisimo by Georges Garcia, performed by Acosta, Moret, Vargas, Jose, Marquez, Corveas, Cao

Fokine’s The Dying Swan

I just wanted to add here that there is another announcement to come on this show, soon, which I will post here the second I can, and to leave you with this thought :

You wouldn't want to find yourself queueing into Trafalgar Square for returns on the night because you'd left it too late to buy a ticket, would you ?

To book :

Carlos Acosta and Guest Artists
London Coliseum
Wednesday 22 - Saturday 25 Jul 2009
Performances: Wed - Sat at 7.30pm, Sat 25 at 2pm
Tickets: £15 - £75
Ticket office: 0844 412 4300


  1. Can't wait for Canto Vital. All great news. I wonder whether there are any tickets left ?

  2. I wasn't inclined to go (must they always do the Dying Swan? I am 100% with Clement Crisp on this one) but... a double dose of Steven McRae? I'd better check if any cheap tkts left!

    Thanks for the info! LNH

  3. I know, if you've seen one Dying Swan.... But actually, the only version I've ever seen that really is worth watching is the one taught to Marianela Nunez and which originates from Dame Ninette de Valois. I believe that only one other dancer was taught this variation and that they (The Royal Ballet) were waiting for the right dancer before passing it on.

    I would say this show is a no-brainer really, if there are tickets left. Rhapsody is very much an Acosta piece so I'm looking forward to seeing McRae tackle it. In fact the famously difficult Rhapsody is the only time I have seen Acosta injured and unable to go on - the curtain came down as the orchestra played on and our man was rooted to the stage and he eventually sunk to the floor as the curtains met. I don't think anyone could believe it - nothing ever seems to stop him and he had to signal in order to get the curtains down. He did come back on for the pas de deux and curtain call but was replaced for the challenging virtuoso parts by (if my memory serves me correctly) Ivan Putrov, who did a fine job after 20 minutes warm-up. My money is on Canto Vital and if they end (again) with Majisimo, it really will send you out on a high for the pure dance of it.


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