Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Big Dance at Westfield with English National Ballet

Last weekend, the T-Mobile Big Dance at Westfield took centre stage, with stunning live performances from a host of dance groups and the chance for the public to get involved in dance workshops throughout the weekend.

On Saturday 22 May, English National Ballet performed sequences from Swan Lake.

You can see the whole of English National Ballet's sensational Swan Lake in-the-round next month at the Royal Albert Hall, from 9 - 19 June.  Royal Albert Hall Box Office : 0845 401 5045


  1. your posts make me wish that i had so much more money so i could go enjoy the ballet as much as i would like to


  2. Sara - stay tuned - I have BIG news for you coming soon.

  3. I think you must attend the ballet 5 times a week i think you must have a passion for the dance .

  4. Carole DEFLANDRE25 May 2010 at 21:18

    It's really a beautiful idea to give performances on such a central stage, but it also must be really impressive for the dancers... Being surrounded by the audience is something classical dancers are really not used to ! Thanks for your nice pictures and interesting articles, as a former French ballet dancer, I always read them with a great pleasure.

  5. Another gorgeous post, darling!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll ~ you will be on my Fellow Fashionistas momentarily!


  6. I love it when I am at a mall and see ballet and other forms of dance being performed as a promotion / advertizement.


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